International Users

This page includes information regarding the practice of Underwater Target Shooting (UTS) in Italy.

UTS in Italy (Tiro al Bersaglio Subacqueo or TBS, in Italian) is currently practiced under the Italian Federation known as FIPSAS. Every year, UTS people gather in 5 to 10 local contests scattered throughout the country for obtaining the access to the final Italian championship.

Three disciplines are included: precision shooting (tiro libero), biathlon and relay (staffetta). Each one has its specific rules but target distance is always 3 m and not 4 m as it happens in other countries where UTS is practiced.

Regarding speargun specs several rules apply but, probably, the most important consists in allowing only guns directly purchasable from the companies currently on the market without modifications, with the exception of those regarding bands and spears. Reels are not allowed and wood spearguns are forbidden, albeit once a year a special contest was organized only for wood shooters.

UTS is a complete sport, including both static total-control disciplines (precision shooting) and spectacularly dynamic ones (biathlon). Rely is probably a mix between the previous two but involving also team skills.

If during your stay in Italy you would like to try UTS, the best thing to do is probably to contact a club close enough to you asking for information.